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I felt unfettered and alive

March 21, 2011


Pattern: Monster Tooth Pillow by Ellen Luckett Baker
Fabric: fat quarter from Hancock Fabrics

On my to-do list for spring break: Get sewing again. I’ve got a stack of knitting projects to finish, too — some of which have already been wrestled to the mat — but they’re bound for friends in far places and can’t be blogged until later. Good thing, then, that a couple of hours work can yield a new crafty achievement that doesn’t have to be a secret.


Cady Gray has only lost two teeth so far. But I’ve known ever since Archer went through this same age that our tooth fairy setup is woefully inadequate. It’s one of those things you don’t realize until you have kids of your own. How do you get that lost tooth under the pillow in some fashion where it can be retrieved and replaced by cash? The tooth itself is too small and prone to get lost. You have to put it in something that you can find in the dark and that your child can feel as they’re going to sleep (lest you be plagued by tearful visits from said child during the night wailing that the tooth has gone missing).


Our method up until now has been a ziploc bag. Classy, right? Childhood memories in the making. And that’s why, when I saw this little project, I put it on my to-do list right away. Simple sewing to practice my skills, and a really cute result.


I can’t give you much for my ladder-stitching to close the stuffing gap at the bottom. Best you don’t have to see it. Nevertheless, this got me to get the sewing machine out again after several weeks of being too busy; it reminded me about reading a simple pattern, thinking the process through, and solving the little problems that come up along the way. Seen that way, it’s a real monster.