The chance you take when you love someone


Pattern: Grab Bags by
Fabric: Cotton from Hancock Fabrics

Mother’s Day — when Mom gets to do all her favorite things. Here are two of my favorite things: sewing on my beloved Singer Featherweight, and making something fabulous. And here’s what I did on Mother’s Day.


I bought the fabric a couple of months ago, on the same trip when I got supplies for my drawstring bags and monster tooth pillow. But because of the utter chaos of my schedule and obligations in March and April, there was no sewing. Until Mother’s Day, which, as previously stated, is made for things you want to spend hours doing, hours that you can’t find on any other day.


It was my most complicated sewing project to date. There was a lining, interfacing, pockets. I got better at sewing straight and getting my seams sort of even as I went along. Now, when it came to figuring out what was meant by “clipping” seams and “topstitching,” the learning curve was a bit steeper (especially since I wasn’t about to use any of my precious sewing time to look it up on the internet, and especially since my machine doesn’t do anything fancier than a straight stitch anyway). I figured it was a bag, I’d sew it together, it should work as long as everything gets connected by thread.


You can easily see my limitations at the toughest part, where front meets back at the same place where the raw edges of the handles are supposed to be turned under and seamed. I had to go back over this several times, and there’s still some raggedness. It was a lot of thickness to sew through, challenging my machine. It may not be pretty, but it certainly won’t fall apart.


Oh, bags. You can be bold and vibrant in color and print. You can juxtapose wild contrasts for outside and in. You are forgiving when it comes to precision, size, and finishing. Everyone needs lots of you. I believe you may be the perfect thing to sew.

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