There’s a summer place


When we first moved into this house in 1999, we used one of the four bedrooms as an office for Noel, who was planning to work from home. We bought this great big blond solid-wood desk from the bargain attic at one of our local furniture stores. When our second child was on its way, we turned that office into her room, and moved the desk into our bedroom.


But by that time Noel was doing most of his work from the living room. The desk became a station for the computer with the printer connected to it. As the kids grew, it became “their” computer, and we frequently found them in our room watching YouTube videos and playing games. I didn’t manage to take a picture of it before I spent half a day cleaning it out and getting it to the state you see above, but the contents ran to two giant Rubbermaid containers of books, tchotchkes, and assorted crap. You can sorta get the idea by looking at what’s stacked up under the window there; this has become our storage area for the dozens of DVDs that come to our home every day, from which they are biannually swept up into a giant sell-off (but never fully disappear).


After a kind freecycler came and hauled away the desk, I built this. I wrote a little bit about it here. It’s a 25-cube Expedit bookcase; I thought it would be a monster to assemble, but it went together easily and quickly.


On Saturday morning, Cady Gray and I hauled my many, many containers of yarn (which have been living in the little nook by the garage, and which have so overflowed that area that you can’t really access anything in there anymore) to the new storage unit.


Cady Gray was in charge of stacking. She did an excellent job.


The Malabrigo cube, with the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes cube next to it, both only about halfway through the process.


Here are the same cubes once we were just about done loading them up. The Malabrigo cube has spawned some Sock and Silky Merino, and the Knit Picks cube has Andean Silk and Andean Treasure in the front. (Under the Malabrigo is the Dream in Color cube, and to the right of that, a cube I refer to as “random sock yarn.)


I put up little 3M Command cord clips to corral my circular needles and cords.  (Edited: It occurs to me that you might be interested in the cubes, too.  Clockwise from top right: Peaches ‘n’ Creme double worsted cones (RIP), random worsted weight (what’s in front is Paton Soy Wool Solids, leftover from this), sweater quantities of worsted weight workhorse wool (mostly Cascade 220), more sweater quantities of worsted and bulky weight (visible: Berroco Vintage in brown, Berroco Peruvia in the plastic, and Cascade Eco in the marled natural colors), “scarf quantities” of various worsteds, laceweight (you can see a Misti Alpaca Lace label), Moda Dea Tweedle Dee, bulky weight (the red that’s almost falling off there is Misti Alpaca Chunky), Knit Picks sock yarn (mostly Stroll Tonal, but you can see some Risata there at the bottom in brown, blue, and lime, and there’s plenty of Imagination hidden behind there).  Just peeking out to the left of the last cube my stash of plant fibers (that’s Universal Linen Twist visible), and below that is the DK/sport cube (with Moda Dea Sassy Stripes at the top, and I’m not sure what the red beneath it is).


More Command hooks of various sizes to provide hanging storage for bags, notions, etc. on the side of the bookcase.


And oh, here’s the other piece, which I constructed Saturday night — a trestle table for cutting and ironing.


I fretted for days that the table was too wide. There’s not much space to slide behind the desk, or to get to my side of the bed. But it’s workable, actually, and will get even better if we’re able to rearrange some things and move the bed over a bit. I’ve ordered a little stool that can live right under the desk until the rare (but hopefully less rare than now) occurrences when I sew at that desk.


There’s still more to come to make this the ideal crafting nook — more stuff that needs a home, more equipment I need to get. But I’m amazed at how it’s coming together. Mostly I’m amazed that all my yarn fits in those 25 cubes.

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2 Comments on “There’s a summer place”

  1. kathy b Says:

    wow how can I be first to comment on this extraordinary transformation? LOVE the yarn cubbies.
    Im trying to visit all the blog from DRT V today!

  2. […] it has been a long time since I sewed. My excuse has been that my sewing area isn’t completely set up. It’s lacking a swing magnifier lamp, a tabletop ironing board […]

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