Back to reality, oops there goes gravity


Pattern: City Skyline by hollisqueen
Yarn: Exquisite Chunky (57% merino, 33% microfiber, 10% cashmere), colorway Cream (01)
Needles: U.S. 10 Signature straights

Amazon kindly informed me this week that it’s been several month since I updated this blog.  Have I stopped knitting?  By no means.  I’ve been traveling a lot, but that’s not my excuse.  Every time I’ve considered posting here about one FO or another — and those times have been frequent — it’s actually seemed like more work than writing a post in my daily blog.  And I usually post here as a break from the daily blog.

So I’ve got some catching up to do, and it’s more exciting on my end to start with my most recent creation and go backwards than to try to reconstruct where I left off.   At the beginning of the month, I made a belated stop at Tuesday Morning some weeks after new yarn had been reported for sale, and picked up a few hanks of chunky cotton, one skein of hand-dyed worsted wool, and this irresistible store-label cashmere blend.  When I see a cashmere blend, I think of this pattern.  One of the favorite simple scarves I’ve ever made is this version in sadly-discontinued Lion Cashmere Blend.  And although I did a cursory search for other patterns, I quickly came back to this one.


Yes, it’s soft. And yes, it gives me the chance to post parallel pics of Cady Gray modelling the same pattern in two different colors of similar yarn a year and a half apart. But that’s not why I made the scarf. When cooler temperatures start to arrive, I crave the kind of knitting that first got me addicted to the craft — big yarn, straight needles, no shaping. I love my complicated knits, but what comforts me most is the repetition.


This scarf, like many of the other knits I’ll be posting in the next weeks and months, is destined for my students’ service project: Craftin’ for CASA. We’ll be offering it for sale to benefit CASA of the 20th Judicial District. I wonder if I should have made something with complex cables or some girly glitz or collegiate colors. But what I want most of all when I start a new project is to be spoken to by the yarn. Sometimes that means remembering and repeating. Almost always it means enjoying the moment, and trusting that the love of the moment in each stitch will speak to the person who picks it up at the sale, fingering the soft yarn and textured ridges, and imagining herself wrapping it around her neck for a chilly walk across campus with leaves falling all around.

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