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Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice

July 20, 2012


Pattern: Aristida Shawl by Alexandra Beck (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Aslan Trends Santa Fe (100% merino), colorway Crudo
Needles: U.S. 7 Harmony wood Options 32″ circular needle (knit flat)

When I got the magazine containing this pattern in the mail, I flipped through it with Cady Gray. “I’m going to make that right away,” I said, pointing to this shawl. It was dripping with gypsy style — fringe, bobbles, lace. I had nothing like it in my closet. Nothing in my stash spoke to me, but I still put it at the top of my queue and resolved to get to it as soon as possible.


A week later, I took Cady Gray on a trip to Tuesday Morning because I had heard there was yarn to be had in the latest merchandise shipment. We filled up a basket and brought it home to be cataloged. That’s when I realized that the beautiful cream-colored springy wool I had four skeins of was fingering weight. The perfect yardage and weight for the Aristida shawl.


That’s more fingering weight than I’ve ever used for a single project. But I couldn’t stop knitting it. I wanted to get to the edging to try out the bobbles. I loved the smooth, tightly twisted wool and the novelty (in my knitting history) of the natural color. And I was anxious to know whether I had enough yarn for the fringe.


I had plenty — barely touched the fourth skein. And this was an exciting, fulfilling project. Seeing a style that I don’t think of as mine, and being instantly drawn to it. Finding yarn in a color palette I don’t normally choose. Completing a large project in fine yarn in just a couple of weeks. And all these unlikely, serendipitous factors came together in a accessory that fills me with pride.